ShadowDraw is a simple tool for preparing and checking shadow diagrams and other statutory controls.
Contact Roger Harvey 0410 658 725.

The ShadowDraw Overlays Library releases the full potential of Trapeze Desktop by allowing on-screen assessment of plans against a wide range of compliance requirements. Using the ShadowDraw Overlay Library allows you to leverage your investment in Trapeze, and supports your move towards the vision of a 'paperless' office. The Library service commenced in July 2015 and many councils already have access.

There are currently 57 overlays in the ShadowDraw Trapeze Library including:

  • 16 X Shadows (winter, summer and equinox for Victoria, NSW, SA and WA)
  • 15 X Building and planning requirements (including ResCode [VIC] and R-Codes [WA])
  • 26 X Traffic, access and parking (planning and Australia-wide standards)

For a full list of overlays in the library click here.

To view some example screenshots of the overlays in action with Trapeze Desktop, click here.

To see a video of ShadowDraw used in Trapeze, click this link.

To see a video of some of the various overlays available in the ShadowDraw Library, click this link.

The ShadowDraw Trapeze Library will be expanded and modified over time to take account of statutory planning controls across Australia. Access to the Overlay Library is via an annual subscription levy based on the number of installed Trapeze Licences and there are significant discounts for large, or on-site licence holders. Contact Roger Harvey to discuss subscription models or for referral to existing council users as appropriate (phone 0410 658 725 or email

Custom overlays not available through the update programme can be designed by ShadowDraw at a negotiated price based on the complexity of the requirements.

Trapeze is distributed and supported by Objective and training is available from Redman Solutions.