ShadowDraw is a simple tool for preparing and checking shadow diagrams and other statutory controls.
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“We are here awarding a Certificate for a gadget - a piece of plastic of breathtaking simplicity and logic...”

Professor Ross King, Chairman of the Judging Panel, Planning Institute Awards for Excellence in Planning (Vic)

“The Royal Australian Planning Institute (Victorian Division) considers ShadowDraw to be a simple and effective method to quickly prepare and check shadow diagrams that makes a positive contribution to the planning profession.”

Royal Australian Planning Institute (Victorian Division)

“Checking overshadowing needs to be fast and easy but above all accurate. With the introduction in ResCode of overshadowing provisions for single houses ShadowDraw is an essential tool for any design office or building surveyor checking plans.”

Mr David Hodge - HIA (Former Assistant Director Planning & Environment)

“We have used ShadowDraw since its inception 20 years ago. Its simplicity is such that it can be understood by 'non plan literate' people, for example, objectors to a proposal. Equally, it can produce fast and accurate shadow diagrams for use at the planning Tribunal where it is the acknowledged industry standard. One of the key attributes of the overlays is that they allow an 'overview' of shadow conditions throughout the day, quickly revealing critical shadow issues in each instance.”

Peter Jewell  - Director Jewell Partnership (Planning Consultants Vic)

“Increasingly, shadow diagrams are becoming mandatory with development application submissions. Our recent acquisition of ShadowDraw templates has proven invaluable in the preparation of these diagrams. Quite simply - easy to understand and use with pinpoint accuracy. The information booklet that accompanies the templates explains everything clearly and includes a range of information for all scenarios of shadow diagram preparation.”

Sam Kapoulas Director - Impact Design & Construct Pty Ltd (NSW)

“Shadow draw has been fantastic for me. I was previously using some shadow templates that were issued way back when at Uni, but had to be configured for each time / season / scale. These were good and accurate, but used to provide moments of worry, if I was concerned whether the scale was right or whether I may have miscalculated. Shadow draw has taken out all the work I had to put into ensuring my templates were correct to start with. The availability of the various scales also means that enlarging/ reducing drawings is not a problem anymore - far more flexible. So thanks once again.”

Mary Giannakopoulos Director - T-Square P/L (Vic)

“I purchased ShadowDraw so I could use it on a five Unit development I was drawing for Fairmont Homes. I found it quite simple to use, and the drawings I submitted to Campbelltown Council were deemed to be adequate for them to determine the developments compliance with the minimum sunlight requirements. I also used it to determine the best location for sun shades over my swimming pool. I have no hesitation in recommending it.”

Steve Amsden - Bargo Drafting Service (NSW)

“This firm has noticed a marked increase in local authority requirements for shading diagrams especially for planning applications in high density locations. Previous to our purchasing ShadowDraw all shadow diagrams were compiled by hand by referencing the various associated texts - a tedious and time consuming operation. ShadowDraw now allows us to produce shadow diagrams in a few moments - a great time saver and highly recommended. In addition, the after sales phone service offered by ShadowDraw is exceptional particularly in this day and age. Once again highly recommended.”

Damon Jackson - Director - R & M Jackson Architectural Design (Tas)

“I have found ShadowDraw a brilliant tool for my garden design work. It is so well put together and very easy to use, it really is a fantastic asset allowing me to plot shadows so I can maximize every centimetre of my garden layouts.

Izabella Meraviglia-Crivelli - Essence Gardens (Vic)