ShadowDraw is a simple tool for preparing and checking shadow diagrams and other statutory controls.
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Shadow diagrams made easy - Manual Tool

The key to the manual ShadowDraw kit is its simplicity - it does not require computers or calculations. The kit comes with three A4 size transparent overlays that enable the user to plot shadow diagrams for winter, summer and the equinox. The kit comes with overlays, booklet with simple instructions and other useful information.
The overlays can be used on plans of a variety of scales. It produces accurate, reliable and fast results. In addition, it provides designers with the opportunity to better appreciate the impact of building proposals, assisting in more site responsive and energy efficient outcomes. It allows regulators and negihbours to understand amenity impacts.


ShadowDraw can be used to PREPARE or CHECK shadow diagrams. The kit comes with detailed instructions as well as useful tips and pointers. Each kit also comes with CSIRO data for the altitude and azimuth of the sun and the 'shadow factor' for critical times of the year. The kit also comes with an example drawing to enable beginners to check their technique. There is also an instructive YouTube clip for the manual version:

Preparing a shadow diagram


Step 1: Select overlay (equinox, summer or winter) Step 3: Place overlay on plan and orientate to north
Step 2: Understand where true north is Step 4: Place target over feature to be measured (eg building corner)
Step 5: Select time line (eg 2pm) Step 7: Repeat as necessary for other building points
Step 6: Find where height line of object crosses the time line and mark this point (eg 6m) Step 8: Join marked popints to reveal shadow outline


Checking a shadow diagram

With ShadowDraw it is easy to check shadow diagrams using the same procedure. It is important to ensure that:

  • the plan shows true north correctly, a common mistake;
  • the correct direction of shadow has been drawn, and
  • the correct length of shadow has been drawn.

Manual Overlay Kit - how to use video

A YouTube clip shows you how to use ShadowDraw's manual overlay kit