ShadowDraw is a simple tool for preparing and checking shadow diagrams and other statutory controls.
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AutoCad® Version

A CAD version of ShadowDraw is available for use with AutoCAD®.

The CAD version retains the simple and user friendly attributes of the manual kit. The CD is easy to install and run and will allow shadow diagrams to be prepared for the benchmark times of the equinox (September 22) and the winter and summer solstices. For CAD operators, preparing shadow diagrams is now quicker than ever using ShadowDraw!

Using AutoCAD® you will select the time of year (ie September, December or June) and the time of day required (eg. 10 am). Using AutoCAD® you will insert a block of the shadow and then connect the end points to create an outline of the shadow cast.

The CAD version requires a PC using AutoCAD® (any version, full or light applications). No additional memory is required to run the ShadowDraw CD. It takes minimal storage space or can be run from the CD.

AutoCad version

ShadowDraw AutoCad® Kit - how to use video

A YouTube clip shows you how to use ShadowDraw's CAD add-in


Note: Purchasers of the AutoCAD® version can receive the files by email on the same day of order