ShadowDraw is a simple tool for preparing and checking shadow diagrams and other statutory controls.
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Shadow diagrams made easy

For 23 years ShadowDraw has been the industry standard for checking and calculating of shadow diagrams in council applications and DA's. Versions are available for Melbourne, Sydney, Wagga, Hobart, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Auckland NZ. Its designer, Roger Harvey is an experienced town planner.

ShadowDraw is an award winning, simple and easy to use kit available as a manual overlay type tool or an AutoCad® add-on. It is used by most councils and countless design professionals, town planners, builders and regulators.

The Melbourne kit also comes with a set of overlay tools that simplify and geographically present the provisions of ResCode.



ShadowDraw manual kit
ShadowDraw CAD version

Manual version

The manual version comes with plastic overlays for the summer solstice, winter solstice and equinox. The kit comes in a folder with instructions, data and examples for the chosen location.

CAD version

The CAD version of ShadowDraw retains the simple and user-friendly attributes of the manual kit. Using AutoCad® you will insert a block of the shadow in a 2D drawing and then connect the end points to create an outline of the shadow cast. The CAD version comes with a manual kit for the complete shadow toolkit.